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Made in the USA

by Rick Mathis on January 27th, 2012

After receiving an e-mail from one of our assembly personnel, it got us thinking.  How much of every machine we produce is American-made?  Well, from this point forward we are going to find out, keep track, and do our very best to increase that number.  ABC News runs stories called “Made in America.”  One of the stories talked about home building in this country and it was stated that if each builder could increase the amount of American-made products they use in building a home, by 5%, it would create 220,000 American jobs.  That’s just the construction industry and just 5%.  Imagine if every manufacturer here followed suit and went to 7.5% or 10%!  We are going to do everything we can to increase the amount of American-made products to help put Americans back to work and we challenge every manufacturer who is owned and operated here to do the same.  Together we can put Americans back to work!

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